Venom name Coaching Staff

by Jan Antonms

February 17, 2019 | Press Release Kamloops, BC – The Kamloops Venom Lacrosse Club announces new Head Coach and Coaching staff for the upcoming 2019 Season 

The Kamloops Venom are excited to announce that Liam Hagerty has been named as the new Head Coach of the Kamloops Venom. 

Joining Liam on the bench will be new coaches Ryland DeRose and Mike Henry. Mathew Hans and Andy Hebden will also returning this year to assist Liam and the rest of the coaching staff. 

In addition to solidifying the new coaching staff, we are pleased to announce that Jan Antons has been named as the Alternate Governor and Assistant General Manager of the Kamloops Venom. 

Please visit for a full release of Coaching and Management Bios in the coming days. 

For more information please contact Martin Gardner @ (250) 819-7668 / .