TOJLL All Star Game

by Jan Antons

Check out the All Star Game Program by clicking the link below.

All Star Game Program


We are honoured to have two guest head coaches for the game. Team Black head coach: Jeremy Bosher with assistant coaches: Liam Hagerty & Chris Danby Team White head coach: Josh Bosher with assistant coaches: Casey Sherriff & Dave Evans

Full gear team photos will be taken at 3:30pm. Then we will have a full gear warm-up at 3:35pm for 15 minutes, after which both teams will return to their respective dressing rooms for pre-game coach speeches. At 3:55 both teams make their way to the Venom tunnel. Team introductions will start at 4:00pm. Team Black will be the visiting team and will be introduced first. They will proceed to line up at the far blue line once they are introduced. Then Team White will be introduced and line up on the close blue line as their name is called. Both captains will be called to center for a ceremonial faceoff. We will then proceed with the remainder of the pre-game program and finish with the national anthem.

The game will be three 20 minute run time periods. We will stop the game half way through the second period to switch goalies and we will give the goalies a brief warm up with some shots.

At the conclusion of the game, both teams will line up on the hockey blue lines as we will award an MVP from each team. The MVPs will be selected from a panel of lacrosse fans in the crowd. They will be awarded with the inaugural “Justin Bosher Memorial All-Star Game MVP Award”. The awards will be presented by head coaches Jeremy & Josh Bosher in memory of their late father.

There will be a BBQ in the parking lot after the game. All of the players and coaches are invited to have a bite to eat and mingle with all the other participants of the game.